I know it's possibly a less popular opinion recently, but I still love and appreciate developers who put their time and attention to platform fit on Apple platforms.

I also love it when Apple makes it easier for developers to pay attention to platform fit through their APIs. The big win in this area from the last few years has been SwiftUI. When you abstract the details of how apps work away from the underlying platforms and specific controls, you lose some control but gain masses of platform fit. What you lose in customizability, you get back multiple times over in knowing your app will look good on any sized device.

But there have been a couple of APIs from this year's releases that take this even further. I'm thinking specifically about TipKit and ContentUnavailableView. The entire purpose of both these APIs is to take a common feature inside apps and create standard visual style and interaction rules for them.

Should developers add an image accompanying a message when there's no content available? Should the image be above or below the message? What should the spacing be? You don't need to worry about any of it. TipKit is an even better example. I've seen so many implementations of this kind of feature, and there's usually at least one aspect of the implementation that feels a little weird.

What both these APIs have in common is neither of them will "make or break" whether an app will be successful. The less time the designer and developer have to think about these features, the more time they can spend on their app's visuals and core interactions.

It's also a great sign that SwiftUI is maturing when the APIs can cover features like this. I have nothing bad to say about either of these two additions to this year's SDKs.

Dave Verwer  






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