People often ask me about a new app idea they want to build, and one thing I always try to think about is, “Is this app boring enough?”

Obviously, “boring” is subjective, but the number of success stories I have heard over the years where the problem isn’t glamorous and the solution doesn’t leverage the latest trends is striking. Marketing your app becomes easier as there’s less competition on keywords, and users love your app because it solves a problem they don’t enjoy dealing with.

If you want to make an app for fun or as a hobby or side project, that’s a whole different thing, and you should go for whatever that idea is, even if it includes every buzzword on the front page of TechCrunch. But if you want to increase your chances of building a successful business out of your app, you might find more success in a quiet corner of the App Store creating something that most developers never think about.

You’ll never rub shoulders with the startups building with the latest AI technology or get written about by top news sites. In fact, one reason I’ve not mentioned specific success stories here is that some people who have found success with this kind of app seek out a quieter time with their successful businesses. Drawing attention to how successful their apps are would only draw their attention away from running those successful apps!

So next time you pitch an app idea to someone, watch for that vacant look that happens when someone completely loses interest in what you’re saying. If you see that, your idea may just be dull enough to make millions! 😂

Dave Verwer  




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And finally...

This isn’t triggered by anything that happened this week, other than when I found myself staring at my Mac’s screen and thinking, “Isn’t it amazing that macOS still uses a gloved Mickey Mouse hand to click every link” 😂

(and long may that continue!)