One great thing about WWDC being in San Francisco was that everything was close. It didn’t matter much which event you chose to go to after the conference finished every day, it was all within walking distance. AltConf, which grew to be a critical part of WWDC week was usually hosted across the road in the Children’s Museum 🎠, and the Layers conference joined a couple of years later. All combined, they supported many more people than the official event could accommodate.

If anything San Jose might’ve been even more convenient than San Francisco! AlfConf was hosted no more than 20 paces away from the conference centre, and there were many more venues within a few minutes walk for impromptu meetups or organised events.

We sadly haven’t seen the other conferences transition to Cupertino since in-person events started at Apple Park. Possibly because Cupertino is nowhere near as walkable as the other cities are. Possibly because the official event is only a one-day event? Or maybe it just didn’t feel quite the same since the pandemic.

So I was delighted to see this week’s announcement of a new community-run conference that will run alongside this year’s WWDC. One More Thing is a five-day event with labs, workshops, and other events. It’s being organised by J’aime Ohm with help and advice from both AltConf and Layers organisers.

The location for the conference is great, too. It’s a stone’s throw from Apple Park (the visitor’s centre is walkable from the venue), and there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants right outside the hotel door. It’s the perfect location for an event like this.

It’s early days for a full schedule, but there is already a Keynote/SotU watch event planned for Monday and “special events” by Paul Hudson and James Dempsey on Thursday and Friday. 🫨 Proposals for talks are open and volunteering opportunities are available, too. Tickets are free and available now, but there are supporter options available for guaranteed access and for those who want to help make this event financially feasible.

I’ll do a broader round-up of everything else going on that week as we get closer to the date, but I wanted to highlight this event now, especially as I think it could kickstart the special atmosphere that WWDC week had in San Francisco and San Jose. I wish J’aime and her team all the luck with getting this off the ground!

Dave Verwer  




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