I received a few emails after my comments last week on the Amazon App Store deal. Mainly, I heard that people didn't think that the experimentation I was hoping for was as critical as Apple simply reducing their 30% cut.

I don't think Apple needs to, or will, reduce that cut any time soon. The App Store has been, and remains, a thriving part of their business, and there's no shortage of people creating apps for it.

But to see Apple play with pricing models in any way is always going to be interesting to me. Yes, this specific deal is probably only ever going to apply to huge companies, where Apple need them as much as they need Apple. But as I touched on last week, could this deal trigger internal conversations that result in slightly more extensive experimentation? Could experiments even lead to potential new business models being able to thrive on the App Store? Maybe they even make entirely new types of app viable? That's expansion, and it's far more interesting to Apple than a simple change of percentage.

Anyway, I have no evidence at all that those conversations are even happening, let alone triggering experiments. But I hope they are, and I hope they do. If Apple ends up increasing the types of apps, or business models that are viable on the App Store, that benefits all of us too.

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