There’s been more App Store talk this week after Apple posted news about “App Review process updates” on Monday.

As far as I’m aware, this isn’t anything new. Instead, it’s the execution of the promises made at this year’s WWDC. To summarise the most significant part of the announcement, if you don’t like a guideline for the App Store, you may now officially suggest a change to it.

The critical thing about this form behind that link is that it’s asking for suggestions on specific rules, related to your apps. For example, the text below the field asking for details is very revealing:

Provide specific reasons why you’re requesting a change to the App Store Review Guidelines and explain the specific change you’d like to see.

Notice that they use the word “specific” twice in that sentence. 😂 This form is not the place to suggest wide-ranging changes to the App Store, the revenue split, or to address any issues about huge companies creating weird user experiences in an attempt to avoid App Store fees.

There’s also no guarantee of any response to your suggestions, and I can’t imagine that this form will start a two-way conversation very often. That said, this is still a step in the right direction. I only hope that it doesn’t lead to more one-time exceptions and that instead, this form increases the pace of guideline changes that can be “applied equally” to everyone.

I do still believe that a deeper re-think of the App Store guidelines and revenue model would be a good idea. This form is positive, but it doesn’t start the changes that many people are seeking. It’s also nothing to do with the ongoing Fortnite/Epic drama – This was all decided well in advance of June’s conference.

Is “Suggest a guideline change” the new “File a radar”? 😂

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