Did you see Chris Eidhof's announcement of The SwiftUI Field Guide this week?

At first glance, you might take a quick look and think it's a well-illustrated guide to SwiftUI, but it's so much more than that. It's a fully dynamic and interactive guide to many aspects of the SwiftUI layout system. You'll even find step-by-step animated illustrations of various layout calculations as you progress through the guide.

If you have been paying attention, you'll have noticed that Chris has a bit of a thing for the SwiftUI layout system. As if to prove that point, the underlying system behind the interactive guides is almost an implementation of the SwiftUI layout system for the web. 🫣 I think my first reaction after I learned what he was working on was to ask if he was trying to build SwiftUI for the web. Thankfully, he assured me that was not the plan, but a site like this doesn’t exist without spending the amount of time he has learning and teaching SwiftUI.

His intention is much more pure than that. He wanted to build a guide to SwiftUI, and here's the first public release of it. It's not yet complete, but it's a fantastic start, and I wanted to showcase it in the most prominent place in the newsletter. Right at the start.

Dave Verwer  






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And finally...

I don’t think I could handle that strong gloss effect in 3D! 😂